July 06, 2011

Bright and Pretty Coastal Porch

This lovely porch caught my eye because of it's bright throw pillows and beautiful greenery.  It's one of those porches that encourage you to sit and chat with your friends forever!

I love this cute idea for using an antique cart as a mini bar.

These bright pillows finish the room off perfectly.  Bravo to the design team who succeeded in brightening up this mostly white room with colors that make a bold and pretty statement.

Concierge 300x250


  1. Oh, I love it all, and could be happy sitting there all day sipping my iced tea! Thanks for posting...fun and colorful!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. So so soooo nice! Love the white patio furniture and the color pop. It's bright and inviting and just happy! I'd love to hang out here all day long on a Saturday.

  3. LOVE that porch, its so crispy and pretty and inviting. I would love to linger there with a few good friends and a cocktail. Beautiful!


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