July 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Now {J.Crew}

I had a little shopping spree the other day at my local J.Crew and my sweet friends there at the store always treat me so well!  I bought three fedora hats that were on sale.

While I was there, I thought about what I could wear to work when school starts again.  Fall is all about color and I don't know about you, but I am tired of wearing black! Below are just a few new colorful things from J.Crew that would be perfect to wear to work. 

Jardin skirt
Eden cardigan
Paisley pencil skirt
Origami sheath dress in wool crepe
Don't you think this iPhone cover would be perfect for fall?
Printed iPhone cover
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Stella & Dot


  1. Love the paisley skirt and the dress. So pretty. I will have to check out the skirt.

  2. Love purple/plum for the fall. I am rigth there with you...I am over black!

  3. I'm a blackaholic but this skirt is very cute :)

  4. I am so glad color is in for fall. I look too drab in black, it does nothing for my coloring, haha. Love your picks, that dress is amazing!!

  5. Darling skirt...when I lose five more lbs.... J. Crew reward time :)

  6. Love the purple skirt! And I really love JCrew. Stay cool in the blistering heat.

  7. Love the skirt and bright pink cardigan...great looking leopard iphone cover! Love it all...

  8. Are you a teacher? Love all your picks, but my favorite is that paisley skirt...so fabulous and so many ways to wear that piece! The plum skirt is quite nice too! I'm with you on color, I've tried to steer clear of black during the summer months.


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