March 31, 2011

A Breezy Tropical Getaway

I've been wanting to show you this home for quite some time now.  It's a tropical getaway in Brazil for the Fernandes Family and was designed by Thiago Bernardes of Rio De Janeiro.   This rustic beach house is located in a remote area and the only way for the family to get there is by boat or helicopter. 

March 28, 2011

Easy Beach Elegance with Designer Tim Clark

I love California-based designer Tim Clark's work and I'm always pleased with his modern but casual style.  He is known for his stunning arrangements and his easy beach elegance.  Tim Clark was also the designer for Coastal Living's 2010 Ultimate Beach House.  You can see my post on that home by clicking here.

March 23, 2011

Coastal Living's 2011 Ultimate Beach House Interior Decorator {Phoebe Howard}

I over the moon excited that soon Coastal Living will unveil their 2011 Ultimate Beach House in East Beach, which is located in the beautiful Norfolk, Virginia.  The home is being decorated by interior designer, Phoebe Howard, who has an impressive list of publications that she has been chronicled in.  I am inspired by her work and look forward to seeing what she has planned.  Here are some lovely samples of her projects.  Be sure to visit her website and blog for more inspiration.

March 22, 2011

Coastal Chic from Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma just added new items for spring and I'm in love!  They've introduced new gray tinted wicker and rattan accessories and furniture and I have to say, I am a huge fan of this look.  Their new outdoor tables and chairs, hurricanes and chargers (in gray of course), are perfect for summer entertaining. The best part is, the small adorable coastal accessories are reasonably priced.  Enjoy!

March 21, 2011

Getting My Summer Outfits Together Little by Little

This is the time of the year that I like to start getting my summer outfits together.  I usually take a few trips in the summer and like to have simple, casual go-to items handy when packing.  If I don't get certain things when they appear online during the spring, they are gone like hotcakes!  J.Crew has a special going on shipping charges on all women's swimsuits.  Horray!

I ordered this adorable Madras Bikini

and I think it will go great with this white Ralph Lauren Crushed Cotton Ruffle Cover-Up.

March 20, 2011

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis {GOOP}

I have been wanting to share with my readers for months now what I used last spring to help get my body into some kind of shape before the Summer of 2010.  Anyone who has seen Gweneth Paltrow knows that she looks amazing...and it's because of her trainer and friend Tracy Anderson.  I trust what Gweneth has to say about who she trains with and saw the difference it made for her.  I decided last spring to order Tracy Anderson's videos and day after day I plopped in the video and went to work! In no time at all, I started to see my legs take a nice curvy shape!  The shape I've always wanted them to have since I was a teenager!  My calves and thighs got stronger and soon I was able to go back to running (a passion of mine for years).

NOTE:  I broke my pelvis training to run in a marathon one year prior and was not able to run at all.

I kept up with the videos and moved on to the next video, as I got strong enough to complete the exercises. Within weeks I was able to hit the pavement again and run!  I have to say I owe it to prayer and Tracy Anderson videos for making my body leaner and stronger!  This isn't a sales worked for me and my husband even noticed the difference it made in my life! 

Tracy has another series of videos out that I found out through GOOP called Metamorphosis and guess what?  I ordering them today!  It's a 90 day program, which is perfect timing to get my butt into shape before summer!  Who's with me!

March 17, 2011

Nautical Inspiration {Ralph Lauren}

I have always found some of Ralph Lauren home accessories to be beautifully nautical with a island touch.  Here are a few items that I loved when visiting their site. 

Gorgeous blue and white bedding.

March 16, 2011

Capella Pedregal Resort and Spa {Cabo San Lucas, Mexico}

Here's another resort in Cabo San Lucas that I find beautiful and refreshing.  My highschool friend vacationed there recently with her family and I was taken by her lovely photographs.  These photos are from the resort and you can visit the Capella Pedregal Resort and Spa site for more information.

Capella Pedregal States

Capella Pedregal, the premier resort in Cabo San Lucas sits on the southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. Encompassing 24 spectacular mountainside and oceanfront acres, the luxury beach resort rests at the very point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez near the legendary rock formations known as Land's End. The beach resort is reached via the only privately owned tunnel in Mexico Dos Mares. Carved through the heart of the mountain the tunnel is a 300-meter long engineering feat that separates the city of Cabo from the Pacific Ocean. This incredibly dramatic entrance to Capella Pedregal introduces visitors at the resorts entrance courtyard overlooking a long expanse of beach and the ocean.

What I'm Loving Now {Beach Cover-Ups}

Beachcomber Tunic J.Crew

March 14, 2011

Cabos San Lucas

My dear friend Tina over at, The Enchanted Home, took us on a virtual vacation all over the world today and I would love to share with you one of the stops, Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.  Of course my heart always skips a beat when I see water and sand!  My husband and I honeymooned in Mexico and we haven't been back since.  If we do decide to visit Mexico again, this is the place I would love to stay.  Thank you Tina for introducing us to the Esperanza Resort.

March 13, 2011

March 12, 2011

White California Beach House

Interior designer Carolyn Espley-Miller decorated her Carpinteria, California beach house with white walls, antiques and slipcovered seating to create a soft, clean look.

March 11, 2011

Elegantly Coastal {Williams Sonoma Home}

Today I visited one of my favorite retail stores online, Williams Sonoma Home, and found these fabulous elegant accessories and ideas for your coastal home.  

I love the blue Capistrano Seaweed print in the background in this photo.  I've had my eye on this print and was surprised to see the grand size.  Now, I love it even more!  The paneling on the wall is a dream! Wouldn't you agree?

Nautical Sparkle

Love the new nautical inspired spring clothing from J.Crew. Just add a some sequins!

March 10, 2011

Simple Delicious Sides {Jessica Seinfeld}

My husband and I are always looking for new sidedishes to compliment the meat we cook for dinner.  Now that Lent has started we are dedicated to eating healthier and trying new things that will make us look forward to sitting at the table with our boys and enjoying eachother's company.  Jessica Seinfeld recently posted a few delicious sidedishes on her website, do it Delicious, that I think look out of this world!  Just click on the titles to get the recipes.  Enjoy!

March 08, 2011

Chic Coastal Facade

I consider Mary Ann, from classic.casual.home, to be one of my blogging best friends!  I first feel in love with her super chic kitchen and decided I needed to make a home on my blog dedicated to Chic Bloggers and Their Coastal Kitchens.  It was a success! Everyone loves her warm and inviting coastal kitchen.  And now.....she suprises us with the front of her coastal cottage!  Mary are one talented chic woman! 

Check out her facade and be sure to visit her blog to see the transformation.

Chic Pools

The pool is what attracts vacationers to these elegant, lavish hotels around the world.  I could just imagine.....lounging and enjoying the breathtaking views.

Perivolas, Santorini, Greece

March 07, 2011

Avocado Love

As a young girl, I ate a slice of avocado with dinner almost every night from my grandparent's avocado tree.  As kids we climb it, sat around it with friends, and told stories.  At times, the avocado's got so large that my grandfather had to put large sticks underneath the branches to hold them up!  The following recipes are different and unique and stir up memories of my childhood.  Thanks Coastal Living Magazine!

Avocado Fries

Avocado Black Bean Salsa

March 06, 2011

Chic Outdoors and Gardens

Here are my top Spring 2011 picks from Restoration Hardware's, Outdoor and Garden Collection.  I have always enjoyed browsing and shopping at this unique store!  Everything is designed to withstand the elements year-round and you can expect your home to look smart and stylish with their accessories and furniture.  These looks are classic, which allows you to build upon each grouping throughout the years. Enjoy!

March 05, 2011

Chic Hamptons Cottage

This once dark and cramped Hamptons cottage got a make-over and now it's light and bright.  Designer, Leslie Klotz, knew that this cottage had potential and that many of it's faults could be fixed.  I agree....she did a beautiful job transforming it.  You can see the rest of the photos and read her interview at House Beautiful.

March 04, 2011

Beach Shop {Tory Burch}

One thing I love about Tory Burch is that she designs beautiful clothing and accessories that are colorful and vibrant. Her new spring line includes tastefully, stylish swimsuits, cover-ups, wedges, flip flops and bags.  If you are planning a trip to an exotic island or to the beach, you may want to stop by her website or store beforehand and see what you can find!  Happy Friday!

March 03, 2011

Tropical Dishes

Coastal Living Magazine wants you to turn up the heat with some sweet and spicy island fare.  These recipes will help you feel like you're on vacation.  Serve them with a nice glass of wine or a tropical drink.....don't forget the umbrella.

Tropical Fruit, Avocado and Grilled Shrimp Salad

March 02, 2011

Nautical Neutrals

It's getting warm out and I'm ready for a big change in my home accessories.  Here are a few great additions that I think will fit into my "beach house" style.  These relaxed, easy, beachy accessories can be moved to different spaces in my home throughout the year to create a new look. 

March 01, 2011

Chic Bloggers and Their Coastal Kitchen

It never ceases to amaze me that there are such amazing designers out there!  I decided to visit some of my new followers blogs and came across Cape Cod Designs.  A chic blogger who has built a beautiful home in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Her home was even photographed for an Australian magazine, Home Beautiful!  I love the open floor plan and that it's perfect for entertaining!  Gorgeous!

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