November 27, 2012

Family Style Beach House


This is for all of you beach house lovers! I have been busy as an elf preparing a beachy room make-over that I will be sharing with all of you very soon and seeing this Coastal Living beach house all decked out for Christmas makes me even more excited!  It is such a treat to be able to update a room before the holidays! Here's a hint of what I used in the room make-over...weathered wood. It is perfect for a beach house and definitely family friendly.  Take a good look at this home featured in the Coastal Living Magazine, and note how they used weathered wood to create a relaxed family getaway.

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  1. What a beautiful beach home! Having grown up in the midwest, I must say its odd for me to see the ocean and a Christmas tree in the same shot. Difficult for me to imagine Christmas without cold wind and snow....but if I had this beach house I might be able to overcome it. - Tonya

  2. These homes make me want to move somewhere warm...but I do love the cold weather!

  3. What a beautiful home! I love those blue couches. Christmas somewhere warm would be nice!

  4. Oh, what a wonderful beach house and beautifully decorated for Christmas...just love the bunk room!!

  5. Love the light and airy feel in this gorgeous beach house. It's an entirely different feel to celebrate the holidays in warmer climate or beach area. I remember Decembers in CA when the temps were in the 80's and my mom would shut the windows and turn the air conditioner on!

    I have the same blue and white area rug that's in the top photo. It washes up well and works for those high traffic areas.


  6. These are what my dreams look like:)! Such gorgeous designs!


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